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 SIDUO Congress 2024

My dear friends, the XXIX World Ultrasound Congress of the "Societas Internationalis Pro Diagnostica Ultrasonica in Ophthalmologia" (SIDUO) will be held in Cartagena, Colombia, a city located on the coast of the Caribbean Sea that was declared a Cultural and Historical Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 1984. 

This is an honor for me to preside over this conference, to which I invite you not only to attend but also to actively participate in the academic program. There will be space for the presentation of papers, free papers, clinical cases, and posters related to topics such as Standard ultrasound, B-mode ultrasound, UBM, OCT, multimodal images, radiology, as well as new imaging technologies for the diagnosis of the eye. This will be an excellent opportunity not only to exchange knowledge but also to establish and strengthen friendships.

The "Societas Internationalis Pro Diagnostica Ultrasonica in Ophthalmologia" (SIDUO) requires the presence of ophthalmologists from different latitudes who are passionate about ultrasound and other imaging technologies to continue providing knowledge and promoting innovation in the field.

Dr. Ramiro Prada

President of the XXIX World Ultrasound SIDUO Congress


Our Story

The boom of ultrasound in ophthalmologic diagnosis and its increasing clinical application in the early 60s made a group of European ophthalmologists, who were also dismayed to see how the academic-scientific union was breaking up as a consequence of the construction of the Berlin Wall and its political implications, considered necessary to create an organization that would hold meetings to discuss matters related to the use of ultrasound for diagnosis in ophthalmology.


As a result, an international organization detached from any political movement was created; a pseudo-Latin title was used for the first meeting: International Symposium on Ultrasonic Diagnosis in Ophthalmology (SIDUO). This symposium was held from June 3-5, 1964, at the Humboldt University in Berlin with resounding success, and was repeated three years later at the Purkyne University in Brno. The third symposium was held in Vienna, to avoid governmental obstacles it was decided to hold an event that would bring together a larger number of attendees so the First World Congress on Ultrasonic Diagnosis in Medicine and third SIDUO was convened, taking place at the Hofburg Palace in Vienna from June 2 to 7, 1969. Years later, the SIDUO would be held on a biannual basis.

In 2024, 60 years after its creation, Cartagena -Colombia will hold the XXIX version of the World Congress of Ultrasound in Ophthalmology.

SIDUO Executive Board

Mario De La Torre
Olivier Berges
Gilberto Islas
Elisabeth Frieling


Academic Committee

María Fernanda Sánchez
Norma Allemann
Ramiro Prada
Olivier Berges
Elisabeth Frieling Reuss
Catalina Becerra
Gabriela Quesada
186-united states.png
Andrea Vásquez


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